Village Bakery, Tyler, TX


Village Bakery, Tyler, TXIn addition to our in-store bakery with delightful treats and goodies, Village Bakery offers wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, novelty and sports themed cakes and birthday cakes.

Our menu is constantly changing to meet our customers' expectations. You can custom-order baked goods

We always have the freshest:

We bake specialty cakes for:

Wedding Cakes Tyler, TXVisit Us at Our Bridal Showroom

Our Bridal Showroom was designed to help you plan the perfect cake for your perfect day.

Call for an appointment and we'll show you a photo album full of cake ideas. (Click here to view a large assortment of wedding cakes online.) You can tell us about your cake and the special touches you want to add. Finally, you can taste our cakes for yourself. After all, the perfect cake tastes as good as it looks.

To help you get started, call Village Bakery at 903-592-1011.